Paul Gosar Upset With Paul Babeu (Over Press Conferences and Collectible Coins)

Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar released two statements over the weekend in response to the New Times story of Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu's ex-boyfriend claiming he was threatened with deportation.

Gosar's not exactly complaining about the accusations from Babeu's ex-boyfriend -- he's more concerned about the press conference the sheriff had Saturday and about a news report about the sheriff authorizing the purchase of collectible coins and badges.

"Today's statement is in response to Sheriff Babeu's latest abuse and misuse of public trust and resources," Gosar's campaign said yesterday. "Babeu chose to hold a campaign press conference to address personal charges against him, and make a deceleration about his private life unrelated to his official position, in uniform, surrounded by official and campaign staff at the sheriff's office. A video from this event was promptly featured on Babeu's campaign website and twitter account. To say this event was of an official capacity warranting official resources would fool no one."

"These actions follow reports by the Arizona Republic that multiple press releases for Babeu's campaign were sent by his campaign staff to the county and was placed on the county website, remaining there for weeks prior to the reporters' inquiries," the press release continues. "Additionally, numerous reports have confirmed that Babeu authorized $35,000 for collectible coins and special Centennial badges while on track to exceed his agency budget by $3.2 million dollars."

It's not Sheriff Studboi1 taking undie-pictures, and it's not the Babeu camp's alleged threats of deportation against his Mexican national ex-lover -- it's the coins and press conferences that Gosar just truly finds outrageous.

Saturday's press release from the Gosar campaign also cited the Pinal County Sheriff's Office budget, only mentioning the allegations from his Babeu's ex in passing.

The release continued: "Today, in light of these new accusations, he hosted a campaign press conference, in uniform at the sheriff's office, with sheriff's office employees, campaign staff, and campaign volunteers intermingled. It is as though he believes the rule of law does not apply to him."

State Senator Ron Gould -- the other Republican in the running for the GOP nomination in the state's 4th Congressional district -- also had an opinion on the Babeu matter, telling the Associated Press Babeu's pictures on the "homosexual hookup website" put him in a "Congressman Weiner type of moment."