Sedona Treatment Center Owners Addicted to Cheating on Taxes, Feds Say

The owners of the Desert Canyon Treatment Center in Sedona may have helped people kick the habit, but they were hiding their own sins at the same time, according to a federal indictment released today.

William and Diane Steiniger (pictured) cheated on their taxes for more than 10 years by hiding income in other business entities, the feds say. In some years, they allegedly blew off filing a tax return altogether.

The center's Web site states that William Steiniger has 29 years in the business and also has been the "court-appointed special master/family court advisor and psychotherapist for the Superior Court of Arizona in Phoenix since 1994."

This is a shot of the treatment center from the center's Web site. It sort of looks like the place where celebrities might stay, though we couldn't find any info about stars staying there except for one speculative blog post about Kate Moss.

The site says the center has closed "due to economic conditions."