Mitt Romney Wins Arizona's Republican Primary, Which Is Slightly More Surprising Than The Sun Rising This Morning

With more than 91 percent of the precincts reporting to the Secretary of State's Office, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney's going to win Arizona's presidential primary.

Shortly before midnight, Romney had 48 percent of the vote from Arizona Republicans, with Rick Santorum lagging behind him at more than 26 percent.

A poll just released a week ago had a slim three-point lead for Romney in Arizona, but after a week of endorsement-swapping, Santorum continuing to say awkward things, and any number of other factors, it really became clear it wasn't going to be close even before voting began today.

Just in the last week, Santorum met with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio for a "private meeting," and Governor Jan Brewer endorsed Romney on Sunday -- if endorsements indicate anything.

For some reason, nearly 2,000 Republicans voted for the Arpaio-endorsed Rick Perry -- who dropped out of the race a while ago -- and as of last night, he was up just a couple hundred votes on Sarah Gonzales, who was featured in the debate of "lesser-known" Republican candidates.

Romney -- who's also predicted to win Michigan -- picks up 29 delegates from Arizona, which still leaves him about 1,000 delegates short of securing the Republican nomination, according to some estimates.

Also, for the several hundred people who voted in the Green Party's primary, Jill Stein won that one by quite a bit.