Surprise Girl, 14, Busted Smuggling Five Pounds of Weed Over the Border

A 14-year-old Surprise girl was busted this morning trying to smuggle more than five pounds of weed across the U.S./Mexico border.

Border agents in Columbus, New Mexico, say that just before 7 a.m., the girl crossed the border as a pedestrian. While passing through the Columbus port, she was selected for a secondary search, and that's when border agents made a shocking discovery.

In the girl's backpack, agents found five rectangular packages. When they opened the packages, agents found weed -- lots of it.

In total, the girl was moving more than five pounds of weed, which is a shit-load of weed to fit in a backpack.

"Young teens are often enticed to become involved in drug smuggling without realizing that the consequences of their actions can impact their lives for years to come," says Charles Wright, CBP Columbus Port Director. "The message this seizure sends is that CBP officers at Columbus port are vigilant and thorough in their examination of all arriving people, regardless of age."

Wrong. Most teens at 14 years old are "enticed" to maybe smoke a joint when their parents leave them home alone, not serve as drug mules, smuggling more than five pounds of dope across the border.

The girl, whose name is not being released because of her age,
was remanded to the custody of Border Operations Task Force for prosecution