Sheriff's Office to Hold Morning Briefing on Murder of Deputy William Coleman -- and Dead Cop-Killer Drew Ryan Maras

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio this morning will brief the media on any updates in the murder of Deputy William Coleman.

We expect to find out two things: whether Coleman's murder is related to the murder of a New Hampshire couple found shot to death near Sedona, and if the killer, Drew Ryan Maras, is the "UFO-ologist"/conspiracy theorist -- who thinks NASA has a secret base on the dark side of the moon -- who penned the book Open Your Eyes: To 2012 and Beyond.

For some reason, the MCSO refused to confirm to us that the Maras who wrote the book and the Maras who shot Deputy Coleman are the same person.

After we published our story on Maras, other news outlets picked up on his bizarre book, and were also refused confirmation by the MCSO.

Check out Maras' (the author's) Facebook page here.

Strange posts on Facebook page aside, Maras was interviewed by an Internet radio program in 2010. He said the following:

"There is a very good reason why UFO and UFO activity has spiked in recent years. It's because Mother Earth herself is in trouble. She is about to have a temper tantrum. Something has stirred the hive and that something is the once-every-25,800-year great galactic alignment set to commence on December 21, 2012, otherwise known as the end of time as we know it."

Coleman, 50, was fatally shot when he and other deputies responded to a burglary call at a medical center in Anthem about 4 a.m. Sunday.

When Coleman and the other deputies approached a van in the parking lot, the suspect -- now identified as Maras -- was seen sleeping in the passenger seat. When deputies tapped on the window, Maras started shooting, killing Coleman, a 20-year veteran with the MCSO and father of two young children.

Maras was then fatally shot by other deputies.

The couple from New Hampshire, James Johnson and Carol Raynsford, were found shot to death in their car as it was parked in a remote section of Arizona State Route 89-A.

Because the deputy and the couple each were shot with a high-powered rifle, and because the crime scenes are linked by their proximity to Interstate 17, authorities are investigating whether the same gunman is responsible for all three murders.

We'll be at Arpaio's 11:30 press conference. Check back for updates.