Jason Rose: Is The Guru Losing His Mojo?

We've asked before, but we gotta ask again because publicist extraordinaire Jason Rose hit another skid.

Is the guru losing his mojo?
A campaign run by the Policy Development Group last spring to incorporate a small community near the Grand Canyon so artfully defeated Rose -- who was running the opposition campaign -- that it won gold at the National "Pollie" award ceremony in D.C. on Friday.

The "Pollies" are handed out by the American Association of Political Consultants to honor the best of the best among political operatives.

PDG created a series of spoof news videos that featured the leader of the long-haired freaky people (that is, Rose) and incorporated campaign issues that obviously persuaded public opinion.

That's not all.

Rose was repping' hard for Scott Bundgaard, but in the end the embattled Senate Majority leader was plucked from his leadership role on Tuesday.

And, at last check, Rose was consulting for Mayoral hopeful Councilman Claude Mattox, but these days he's tweeting about Mattox coming in second in the first week of a straw poll at the Arrogant Butcher, also a Rose client.

Here's the tweet --

jasonrosepr PHX mayor's race: Arrogant Butcher restaurant straw poll-Week 1: Gullett: 47 Mattox: 126 Neely: 78 Stanton: 168 Eichenauer: 18

Um, that's a great tweet for Mattox ... pointing out that he can't even pull out an early straw poll victory.

Okay, we're probably over-thinking that one.