FBI Looking for "Average at Best Bandits" Suspected of Robbing Three Valley Banks

It seems that new Valley bandits keep emerging whom the FBI sees fit to dub with some dopey name.

The latest group of bandits the federal fuzz needs help tracking down has one of the dopiest names to date: the "Average at Best Bandits."

This is even worse than last week's "Deja vu Bandit."

The name, apparently, stems from the fact that the men involved are just a couple of average-looking dudes who happen to also rob banks.

We didn't realize the feds were looking at bank surveillance footage the way some people look at

According to the FBI, the bandits have hit three banks in different corners of the Valley and taken an undisclosed amount of money.

The first heist happened on January 19, at the Bank of America located at 340 N. Estrella Parkway in Goodyear. According to the FBI two men walked into the bank, walked up to two different tellers and handed them a demand note. The tellers gave the two men the cash and they fled the scene on foot.

As far as the FBI can tell, neither of the men used a weapon.

The second robbery occurred in roughly the same fashion two days later at the Bank of America at 9910 W. McDowell Road in Avondale. Two men walked into the bank, handed a teller a note, and left with an undisclosed amount of cash. The same thing occurred in a third robbery later that day at the Chase Bank at 431 W. Southern Avenue in Mesa.

In the third robbery, the suspects were seen getting into a gold Dodge Intrepid.

Although there were only two men involved in each robbery, there may be as many as three suspects. Check out their descriptions here.

Anyone with information about the "Average at Best Bandits" is asked to call the FBI at 602- 279-5511 or Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS.