Colleen Clark, Maricopa Community College Board President, Forgets Alphabet in DUI Bust


Colleen Clark, a conservative Christian activist and governing board president for the Maricopa Community College District, revealed at a recent board meeting she'd gotten a DUI in July.

This should disabuse anyone of the notion that just because you say you love Jesus and campaign vigorously against sex before marriage, you don't like to get 'faced.

The Arizona Republic says Clark is the "women's ministry team coordinator at Gilbert's East Valley Bible Church and a project manager for the Illinois-based Abstinence and Marriage Education Partnership." The paper also says Clark claimed at the Tuesday night meeting that drinking and driving is "not characteristic of recurring or habitual behavior."

The DUI report from Scottsdale police says Clark, 26, was seen driving her 2009 Volkswagen Passat erratically just after midnight on July 11 near Indian School Road and Scottsdale roads.

She was putzing along at about 20 miles per hour less than the posted speed limit, drifting out of her lane and nearly hitting a curb, the report says. When cops asked her how much she'd had to drink, she reportedly answered, "I had two glasses of red wine."

An officer stated that her eyes were bloodshot and watery (see mug shot above) and her breath reeked of booze. Perhaps the weirdest part of the officer's report: "I saw that her pants were unzipped and open."

Maybe she'd just had a big meal and needed a bit of breathing room.

Clark proceeded to bomb her field test, staggering as the officer asked her to raise a foot in the air and unable to perform the classic "touch-yer-nose" routine. The elected college official even forgot her ABCs, the report states:

...she recited correctly until she reached D and then said L, U, G, A, K, Z, U, P, L, M, N, O, P.

A breath test showed she just barely squeaked out of an extreme DUI charge: She blew a .143.

Two glasses of wine? Must have been a very good year.

The only question now is whether the relatively young governing board president will remain on the board.

Board member Debra Pearson wants Clark to resign, but Clark has no intention of doing that. Three other board members back Clark's decision to stay put.

Records show she's fighting the charges; her trial was continued September 1.