Hot Links: Mesa PD, Scottsdale Airport, and David Carradine

Arizona's Republican legislative leaders have proposed a budget that would eliminate domestic partner benefits for state employees. Former governor Janet Napolitano granted benefits to state workers last year, but if the budget proposal passes, those benefits will end October 1...Five Mesa police officers have been placed on paid leave, pending the outcome of criminal and administrative investigations. One officer is alleged to have flushed a fetus down the toilet, while another incident involves an officer slamming a suspect's head into a windshield and repeatedly mashing his face into a chain-link fence...The family of Robert Cotton, who was killed by another inmate while in the Fourth Avenue Jail, has settled a lawsuit against Maricopa County for $500,000. The Sheriff's Office decided to settle on Wednesday, because the cost of going to trial reportedly would have exceeded the settlement...Beginning September 1, the city of Gilbert will raise sales taxes by 1.75 percent. The council has agreed to sunset the tax hike in 30 months...Scottsdale Airport will close for part of summer 2010 for renovations, including a new runway. The $2 million project, which will take place in July or August of next year, is funded almost entirely by the Federal Aviation Administration...Actor David Carradine, known for his roles in the Kill Bill movies and the Kung-Fu TV series, was found dead in a hotel room in Thailand this morning. A Bangkok newspaper citing unidentified sources reports that Carradine hanged himself. He was 72.

Arizona lawmakers target partner benefits

Mesa officer flushed fetus; excessive force alleged in another incident; 5 on paid leave