Democratic U.S. Senate Candidates Schedule Debates -- by Democratic Candidates, We Mean Everyone But Rodney Glassman

Three of Arizona's four Democratic candidates for the U.S. Senate have been busy scheduling a series of debates set to begin June 9.

But one, former Tucson Vice Mayor Rodney Glassman, hasn't agreed to take part -- at least he hasn't let the other candidates know if he'll take part and has done nothing to help organize the debates, one candidate's campaign claims.

Former New Times columnist John Dougherty, Scottsdale attorney Randy Parraz, and Arizona State University administrator Cathy Eden will meet in Phoenix for the first of the debates, and it's unclear whether Glassman will even show up.

"We're still puzzled by the fact that [Glassman] won't acknowledge his opponents," Dougherty campaign manager Kate Nolan tells New Times.

Nolan says Dougherty's campaign has extended a debate invitation to Glassman's campaign on two separate occasions but didn't get a response in either case.

"He thinks he's the front-runner," Nolan says, implying that Glassman feels he doesn't need to debate the other candidates. "He's acting a little royal."

There are rumors floating around that Glassman has agreed to participate in the first debate, but Nolan says those are only rumors, and the other three candidates are still in the dark over whether Glassman will actually be there.

"We want Rodney there," Nolan says. "All candidates should be on the record."

We contacted Glassman's campaign spokeswoman, Dawn Teo, this morning to see if Glassman had any plans to join the candidates in the debates, but she never got back to us.

Another concern of the other three candidates is Glassman's unwillingness to help organize the debates -- a task that Nolan says is a lot larger than most people probably think.

"His campaign, which has more money and more staff than the other candidates', hasn't helped us at all," Nolan says. "He's done nothing to help us organize the debates and if he shows up, he'll probably complain that the room's too hot."

The debates are scheduled for Friday July 9 in Phoenix on KTVK Channel 3; Wednesday July 21 on National Public Radio's Yuma affiliate, KAWC; and Thursday August 5 on National Public Television-affiliate KUAT in Tucson.

Will Glassman show up?