Fulton Brock Divorce From Sex Offender Wife Will Not be Sealed, Judge Rules

The circus that is the family of Maricopa County Supervisor Fulton Brock will continue to play out publicly, the judge hearing Brock's divorce case from his somewhat-estranged wife Susan ruled yesterday.

Mrs. Brock is serving a 13-year prison sentence for molesting a teenage family friend for more than three years

The county supervisor had sought to seal the case because  details could damage his political career, and hurt his 14-year-old daughter who still lives with him in his Chandler home.

"Any public interest regarding this matter is due only to [Fulton's] position as an elected public official and due to the sordid nature of the charges against [Susan]," Brock's lawyer wrote in the motion to seal the case.

Susan Brock did not oppose the motion, but Judge Robert Miles denied it. In his ruling, Miles noted that he would consider sealing future filings.

Susan Brock's currently in prison, but it remains unclear what the county supervisor knew about his wife's relationship with her teen victim before her arrest last October.

A year before Susan Brock's arrest, Fulton and Susan met with the victim's parents and officials within the Mormon Church to discuss whether Susan was sexually abusing the boy.

Susan Brock denied the charges to the kid's parents, her husband, and church officials, but the suspicion was there -- everyone in the room that day knew about it, including Fulton Brock -- and the abuse continued for another year before Susan Brock was arrested.

About a year after the meeting with Mormon Church officials, the boy's teenage girlfriend discovered text messages on a phone Brock had bought for him that revealed he'd been cheating on her -- with Susan Brock.

Fulton Brock was told about the text messages, and that his wife had admitted to abusing the boy, but he didn't call police -- he called the Mormon Church.

The cat was out of the bag -- Fulton Brock, the victim's parents, and Mormon Church officials all knew of the abuse. But it took more than two weeks for anyone to bother calling police.

Fulton Brock has declined repeated invitations from New Times to tell his side of the story.