Boston Celtics Dominate Phoenix Suns in 115-103 Thrashing That Was Worse Than It Looks

The Phoenix Suns could not keep their momentum going last night against the Boston Celtics, taking a spectacular 115-103 beating in a game that was never really close.
It was a major comedown from Monday night's wild overtime win against the New Jersey Nets. That contest climaxed with a last-second three by Channing Frye and ended on a missed buzzer-beater and late tip-in by the Nets.

By contrast, the Suns came out listless yesterday, getting destroyed in the first half 62-42.

Everything after the second quarter was fun and games for the Celtics, who allowed the Suns to make a comeback -- but only far enough to break the hearts of Planet Orange in the end.

The vaunted Celtics' defense kept the Suns' starting five to 40 points in the entire game, although the Suns' bench had a decent game.

Marcin Gortat, Jared Dudley, Mickael Pietrus, and Aaron Brooks all scored in the double-digits, while Grant Hill and Vince Carter each put in 11.

Kevin Garnett scored 28 against the Suns in the first three quarters before going scoreless in the fourth. The Celtics lost Glen "Big Baby" Davis in the fourth with a reported leg injury, which helped the Suns get back into the game.

The most interesting note of the game came when Boston point guard Rajon Rondo, as both teams were standing around waiting for time to run out in a 13-point Celtics victory, lined up in the corner and tried to drain a three. Suns super-sub Jared Dudley, rightly, put the pompous bitch on his ass for pulling the pussy move. Rondo was awarded three free throws, making two of them.  

The Suns play again Friday night at 6:30 against the Milwaukee Bucks on My45. For more on that game, check out the Suns' Web site.