Open Letter To Kurt Warner: Thank You For Not Pulling a Brett Favre

It's that time of year again.

And no, we're not talking about monsoon season. The month of August is now known as "Brett Favre Month," where the future Hall of Fame quarterback hijacks sports and makes himself the top story.

Will he retire? Or won't he?

Our pick is that he's going to play (again), but until he says so it will be all Favre, all the time in the sports world. Is anyone else getting sick and tired of this act?

Favre has turned into a selfish drama queen who makes up his mind in March, yet creates a guessing game so he can skip training camp and avoid the two-a-day practices. We're not doubting Favre's talent level, but his mind games are a broken record.

Favre should learn from another future Hall of Fame quarterback, one Cardinals fans know quite well.

Dear Kurt Warner,

You are on vacation in Italy right now, enjoying your retirement from the game of football, so you may or may not know what's going on in the NFL at the moment. Here's a hint though: it's the same story as last year.

You know the one with Brett Favre and his waffling on whether or not to retire.
That is why you, Kurt Warner, deserve a big "thank you".

Thanks for not being such a bitch about the whole process. Thank you for handling yourself with class and grace. And thank you for making your decision early on in the off-season.

You didn't wait around until weeks before the season, leaving the Cards wondering if you were coming back or not. You informed them early on so they could write the next chapter with Matt Leinart (although his probably won't be as fantastic as yours was).

Even though you still have the talent to play the game, you knew it was time to hang it up. You wanted to spend more time with your wife and kids, keep exploring and strengthening your religion, and not have to worry about being chased by 300-pound linemen every Sunday.

Now you can plop down on your couch and enjoy football from afar...something Brett Favre also needs to do.

Thanks again Kurt.


New Times