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Scott Bundgaard, Disgraced Former Lawmaker, Files $10 Million Notice of Claim Against Phoenix; Will it Help Him Find a New Girlfriend?

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Scott Bundgaard resigned from the state Senate in January, but he just doesn't know when to quit.
The disgraced ex-lawmaker whines that he's the victim in a diatribe posted on the Sonoran Alliance blog over the weekend, on the heels of his $10 million notice of claim against the city of Phoenix for defamation and alleged corruption.
Bundgaard infamously got into a fight with his former girlfriend, Aubry Ballard, while driving home from a dancing competition in February of 2011. When police showed up at the scene, Bundgaard invoked legislative privilege and wasn't arrested.

In the excuse-ridden essay published yesterday, Bundgaard makes the tiresome and disproven claim that he never invoked his privilege.
He asserts that he's not only the victim of Ballard's abuse, but of "collusion, cover up and corruption by the City of Phoenix in order to wipe me out."

We can't help but wonder whether Bundgaard's defensiveness arises from his failure to find another girlfriend after this incident. So, for our morning poll, we'll put the question to you: