Maricopa County Craziness

David Hendershott, Sheriff Arpaio's Disgraced Former Chief Deputy, to Testify in Next Week in Andrew Thomas Case

Just looked at an e-mail from Jennifer Liewer, the on-the-spot public information officer for the Arizona Supreme Court:

David Hendershott, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's disgraced former chief deputy, is set to testify next week in the disciplinary hearings for former County Attorney Andrew Thomas.

That ought to be good. After an internal investigation showed that Hendershott used outrageous tactics in the investigations of top county officials, Arpaio fired him (though later let him resign).

Thomas and former deputy county attorney Lisa Aubuchon are now fighting for their bar licenses because of those same now-discredited corruption cases (Mostly discredited: Can't forget what Daisy Flores said about Don Stapley...).

Hendershott will be asked about the frustrations of the deputies below him, who fretted over what they perceived as unethical behavior. But we'll also be looking to see if Hendershott throws his old boss, Arpaio, under the bus.

As we mentioned in our May 26 article about how Arpaio knew what was going on, the Bar complaint against Thomas quotes one deputy as saying it was Arpaio's idea to charge retired Superior Court Judge Gary Donahoe with bribery, a charge that wasn't supported by evidence and was later dismissed.

If you're on a trip to Honduras or visiting defense contractors in China next week, you can always check out the video later on the state Supreme Court's Web site.