Jeb Bush Endorses John McCain in Primary With J.D. Hayworth

As the endorsement war wages between GOP Senate primary candidates John McCain and J.D. Hayworth, "The Maverick" picked up a big one today from the brother of an old, political foe.

Jeb Bush, the former governor of Florida and brother of "Dubya," whom McCain feverishly battled in the 2000 presidential primary, came out in support of McCain today, flexing his conservative muscle to help edge out Hayworth.

"John has devoted his life to service and sacrifice for our nation, and demonstrated time and again that he is beholden to no interest other than what is best for America. John is a proven conservative leader committed to reducing taxes, fighting wasteful spending, and keeping
America safe. We need John's continued leadership in the United States Senate, and I am proud to support him," Bush says in a statement.

The Hayworth campaign doesn't seem to care what baby Bush has to say about John McCain -- it contends that Hayworth is the true conservative in the race.

"If Kurt Warner called Danny Sullivan a good quarterback it does not make it so. Same goes here," Hayworth spokesman Jason Rose tells New Times. "The campaign of the people vs. the politicians rolls on. No matter how you slice it, or who says what, there is one consistent conservative in this race and that's J.D. Hayworth."

In a similar primary contest -- one that's actually in Bush's home state -- Jeb has refused to endorse a candidate, an indication that Hayworth, who still won't answer the question of whether he is a "birther," is perhaps too conservative, even for a Bush.

In Florida's GOP Senate primary, Governor Charlie Crist is in a similar spot as McCain.

Crist, a centrist Republican, is trying to convince GOPers that he is more conservative than his opponent, Marco Rubio.

Rubio, the more conservative candidate in the Florida race, has received the endorsement of several right-wing politicos and conservative organizations, such as the Teabaggers and South Carolina U.S. Senator Jim Demint (the biggest teabagger in Congress) -- who have either not taken a side or refused to endorsed Hayworth, the seemingly more conservative candidate in the Arizona race.

Considering this race is becoming little more than a conservative values contest, let's just throw these guys in a room with an abortion doctor, some concealable weapons, and a Bible and see who comes out on top.