Barack Obama Wants Mitt Romney to Be More Like John McCain -- Good Luck, Pal

Here's an odd advertisement from the Barack Obama campaign -- why can't Mitt Romney just be like Arizona's own Senator John McCain?

The video, as you can see above, shows McCain during the 2008 campaign trail, not hitting the meatballs served to him about Obama being the scariest man on the face of the planet.

Then cue the tune of the toothless, as Romney's pal Donald Trump makes an appearance.

Of course, it's the "birther" stuff Trump's talking about, which just will not go away.

At the end, the words on the screen say, "McCain and Romney: Two Republican nominees . . . Only one willing to lead."

Yeah, there's probably a reason Obama wants Romney to be like McCain -- Obama beat McCain.

Maybe the ad's just showing off some sort of perceived rift in the Republican Party, or maybe the Obama campaign's just asking for Romney to let them win again.

Either way, who would've thought McCain would make an appearance in an Obama ad in a positive light?