Jermeel Reeves Displays Porn Movie in Car's Rear Window While Driving Around Phoenix

Jermeel Reeves doesn't seem to think you watch enough porn.

At least, that's one possible explanation for why the 28-year-old Phoenix man was driving around west Phoenix just before 9 p.m. on Saturday night with a porn movie playing in his car's rear window.

Reeves, a wanna-be rapper from Detroit who goes by the handle "Mr 1000 Beats," was arrested on suspicion of a felony by Phoenix police who didn't take kindly to the show.

Cops claim in court records they spotted a cracked taillight on Reeves' vehicle, then saw the porn being displayed on the screen of a tablet propped up in a back passenger window. Not to impugn the cops' reputations, but we'd have to guess it was really the other way around -- the two officers saw the porn movie, then pulled Reeves over on the cracked-taillight allegation.

Either way, the cops couldn't help but notice what was playing on the 10"-x-5" screen. As the reporting officer wrote in the booking sheet, the men and women on the screen could be seen "having oral and vaginal sexual relations."

The video had been set up to play in a continuous loop, police noticed. When Reeves was asked what he was doing, "he laughed and said he did not think it was a big deal."

Police are making it a big deal. They threw Reeves in handcuffs, seized the tablet and booked him into the Maricopa County Jail. Prosecutors are being asked to charge Reeves with one felony count of public display of obscene materials. Under state law, in case you didn't know, it's a felony to "knowingly to place explicit sexual material upon public display, or knowingly to fail to take prompt action to remove such a display from property in his possession or under his control after learning of its existence."

On the bright side, Reeves now has some fodder for his next rap song.

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