Feathered Bastard

John Huppenthal's Top Ten (Alleged) Comments as a Sock Puppet (w/Update)

Update: One day after this blog item was published, the Superintendent formally admitted that he is the author of the posts listed below.

Arizona Schools Superintendent John Huppenthal has no problemo shilling for private schools in annoying robocalls to unsuspecting citizens, but if you call him at home to ask about recent reports of his commenting on various websites (including ours) under names such as Falcon 9, Thucydides, and Socrates, you may get a dial tone instead of answers.

See, after waiting all day Monday to get a response from the GOP officeholder through regular channels, I figured I'd try him at home and ask him about being outed as a not-so-secret blogger by Bob Lord, attorney and former Democratic Congressional candidate, who writes for the influential, lefty opinion outlet BlogforArizona.net.

Why, I hadn't talked to my old bud, Hupp, since I saw him at a gun nut rally a while back at the state Capitol. I was certain he'd be happy to hear from me.

Boy, was I mistaken.