John McCain: "Maybe We Should Legalize" Marijuana

Senator John McCain appears to be down with marijuana legalization.

Hey, instead of a legacy as the guy who was always trying to send the country's military to some country you've never heard of, how about a legacy as the guy who spearheaded marijuana prohibition?

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Arizona Daily Star columnist Tim Steller attended one of McCain's town hall meetings yesterday in Tucson, and here's what he came back with:

Steller later indicated on Twitter that McCain "seemed sincere. In fact, he repeated the statement to another reporter afterward. It's a low-risk position."

That certainly seems like an unexpected thing to hear from McCain, especially to the marijuana advocates who are convinced that the alcohol industry -- to which McCain has family ties -- is what keeps marijuana illegal.

McCain's statement is also good timing for cannabis-legalization advocates here, as petition-gatherers are still trying to get the issue on Arizona ballots in 2014.

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