Hot Links: More on Janet Napolitano's Job Offer; New U.S. Attorney General "May" Scrutinize Arpaio; Meteor Blazes Over Canada

People are settling into the idea that Janet Napolitano will leave the state to become the nation's Homeland Security boss -- it looks like a sure thing, as long as the FBI doesn't dig up anything too interesting about her during the intense vetting process. Local and regional media continue their ruminating on what it would mean to the state and to national border issues, and you'll find a smattering of recent offerings
here. In the same ballpark is a top story in the Arizona Republic today that imagines how difficult life could get for Sheriff Joe Arpaio once Barack Obama and his top pick for U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder Jr., are running the show. If you snapped pictures while down at the El Tour de Tucson bike race over the weekend, the cops may need your help: Somebody smacked his car into 10 bicyclists and drove off, injuring a Surprise man severely. The St. Johns kid who killed his father and another man reportedly "loved" his dad. Sorta gives you chills, doesn't it? The Giants stop the Cardinals, but it doesn't mean the Cardinals are back to sucking. A couple of Las Vegas cops are suing Taser -- seems they were injured while training with the Scottsdale company's stun guns. Rock star: Scientists are looking for the Canada meteor that provided footage for
news shows and video-sharing forums around the world.

School cuts envisioned under Napolitano-less regime

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