Paul Babeu Jumps to Apparently Wrong Conclusion: Tempe Cops Say Five Burned Bodies in Vekol Valley Resulted from Murder-Suicide, Not Drug-Cartel Activity

According to the embattled sheriff, the burned bodies probably were the work of a "violent drug cartel." Babeu added, "The border is NOT more secure than ever, Ms. Napolitano!"

Tempe police have just informed us that the vehicle is registered to the address of a missing family from their city. Tempe police are calling it a "family murder/suicide."

Remember, it was the Vekol Valley where then-Pinal County Deputy Louie Puroll claimed he had been shot by drug smugglers, which Babeu took to heart since it backed what he had been saying with no proof for years -- that his county would be the scene of a violent confrontation with Mexican drug smugglers. Babeu later fired the guy after he claimed an acquaintance had threatened to kill New Times writer Paul Rubin, who had written an article questioning the accuracy of Puroll's claims.