Homeless Man Sentenced in Murder of Downtown Phoenix Shelter Worker

A homeless man convicted of murdering a worker at the Central Arizona Shelter Services facility in downtown Phoenix last year has been sentenced to some lengthy prison time. 

George Wilson Overturf, 61, was convicted of second-degree murder last October in the February 23, 2009, slaying of Kevin Collins.

Collins was a case worker at the shelter, and authorities believe Overturf shot him because Collins and other members of the CASS staff were kicking Overturf out of the shelter.

Surveillance video shows Overturf and Collins outside of the shelter talking, when Overturf pulled out a gun and started shooting.

Police say Overturf shot Collins six times before Collins made his way back into the shelter, where co-workers called 911.

Collins later died at a Phoenix hospital.

Overturf has a criminal conviction for a 1995 murder in Minnesota. He apparently admitted this to CASS staff, saying he did 12 years in prison. On Friday, Overturf was sent back for 25 years in  the slaying.