Ghost Story in New Mexican Bar Bewitches Media, Helps Local Ghostbusters Gain Publicity

A local group of self-fashioned ghostbusters hit the publicity jackpot today with a nationwide Associated Press article about their activities at a "haunted" New Mexico bar. The group's members, who call themselves the West Coast Ghost and Paranormal Society, have a Web site that begs for donations and a stable of "investigators."

The article by AP writer Heather Clark centers on the Old Cuchillo Bar, being run out of a 180-year-old adobe building in Cuchillo, a New Mexican ghost town. The bar's new owner and past owners claim to have heard the spooky sounds of a stove opening and wood being stacked. Clark quotes the group's leader, Andy Rice, talking about a "full-body apparition" ghost he spotted once at Monti's La Casa Vieja Restaurant in Tempe. (He almost got a picture).

Does anyone really believe this stinking load of ectoplasm?

At least Clark's article reveals the apparent motive for the bar owner's sudden inclination to bring in the media and out-of-town "ghost hunters:" He plans to turn the place into a microbrewery.

As expected, the WCGPAS' Web site contains ludicrous claims of scientific merit amid fanciful descriptions of "orbs," "portal manifestations," and yes, even demons:

Science has proven that high electro-magnetic fields caused by electronics or exposed wiring have caused people to feel nauseated or to experience the sensation that they are being watched.


It is only after the claims have been processed with the goal of debunking them and could not be reasonably explained that a true haunting is declared.


Photography has been known to capture images not seen by the naked eye. The paranormal field has the belief that lights shown on pictures, known as "orbs" are proof of such anomalies. The skeptics of course believe this to be collection of "energy".


If you see a "dazzle" or "sparkling" effect keep snapping those pictures, these may be capturing a spirit or a portal manifestation per the paranormal field.

The silliest stuff was in an article by WCGPAS member Christina Pollorena:

One in three people claim to have experienced frightening supernatural events that cannot be explained using the current laws of science.


Most people who experience a haunting don't realize that the type of haunting can vary from harmless to an extreme physical demonic possession. Knowing the type of paranormal event can inform the individual as to the potential dangers they can expect.


These "intelligent" entities were once alive and are aware of their current surroundings. In some cases, these ghosts may refuse to admit that they are dead.


These demonic entities are very strong and can even throw a person across the room. These demonic entities can take on any form, but a half man and half animal is most common. When a demonic entity is threatened it may appear in human form, but typically people report seeing them as black masses standing in doorways or hiding in the shadows.

If you dare, click here for the (not so) astonishing clips of what apparently constitutes the group's best audio evidence of ghosts. WARNING: Do not do this while using a Ouija Board or in the presence of unbaptized children. New Times is not responsible if you open the Gates of Hell.