Anti-Photo-Enforcement Group Says Easter Bunny Stunt a Sign of Things to Come

Somehow, between hiding Easter eggs and filling baskets with candy, the Easter Bunny found time to give a photo-enforcement camera in Tempe an oval-shaped "up yours!" And an anti-speed-camera group predicts such civil disobedience will happen "more and more" until the cameras are gone.

As you read yesterday in our Feathered Bastard blog, a man in a bunny suit took what appears to be an Easter egg made of cardboard -- complete with decorative dollar signs -- and placed it over a photo-enforcement camera near University and Rural in Tempe, covering the camera's lens and rendering it useless.

Thankfully, there was someone there to videotape the stunt yesterday. Check it out below.

After mounting the egg on the camera, the bunny hops away.

For what we're assuming are legal reasons (apparently covering the lens of a photo-enforcement camera is criminal damage in the eyes of the Tempe Police Department) nobody is coming forward to take responsibility for the gag/protest.

But, coincidentally, the video is credited to the Web site Formula 4409, which links to the organization CameraFRAUD, a group dedicated to putting an end to speed cameras.

CameraFRAUD spokesman Shawn Dow tells New Times that while his group is not officially taking responsibility for the prank, people should expect to start seeing these types of things more frequently.

"Since the Legislature failed to act, there will be more and more stunts like this," Dow says.

Dow says that while the Easter Bunny gag was humorous, the goal of his organization is to get signatures on a petition against photo enforcement, not run around pulling pranks.