Cops Think "Uncle Jerry" Morrow Molested Nearly 20 Young Boys

If there was a pervert hall of shame, "Uncle Jerry" Morrow would certainly be a first ballot inductee -- he admitted to being a pedophile, and police suspect he's molested nearly 20 kids dating as far back as 1976.

Morrow was arrested last night at his home at 4807 South 339th Avenue in Tonopah after three of his nephews, who are now adults, told Maricopa County Sheriff's Deputies he molested them for years when they were children.

One of the nephews told police he was waiting for his grandparents -- Morrow's parents -- to die before he came forward with his allegations against their son.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, one of the nephews recalls being abused by Morrow for the first time when he was five years old. The abuse ended, the victim later told police, when he was about 13.

Of the multiple times the victim says Morrow sexually abused him, one incident is particularly atrocious.

When the victim was 12, he was visiting his "Uncle Jerry" at his home in Rainbow Valley. The boy was doing dishes when he says Morrow came up behind him and dragged him into a bedroom. Morrow then tied him to the bed face down and sodomized as the victim struggled to get free.

In another horrific incident, Morrow was visiting the victim's family when they were living near Gila Bend. The boy was in the living room with three of his brothers when Morrow came in and put a porn video on the TV. He'd also given the boys alcohol.

As the brothers slept, Morrow "forced the victim's head down towards his crotch," forced the boy's mouth open, and forced him to perform oral sex on him. He told the victim not to make any noises that would wake up his brothers.

When Morrow ejaculated, the boy threw up.

Yesterday, police arranged a confrontation call between Morrow and the victim, during which Morrow was "very apologetic" and called himself a "pedophile."

However, Morrow insisted to the victim that he was "no longer like that." He also denied tying up the victim.

Several of the victim's brothers came forward and told police Morrow had molested them -- and some of their friends -- too.

According to police, 15 additional victims were mentioned when they interviewed Morrow's nephews.

For now, Morrow's been booked into a Maricopa County jail on one count each of sexual assault, kidnapping, and sexual abuse. He was also hit with two counts of sexual conduct with a minor.

Morrow's being held without bail -- additional charges are pending, according to police.