Bullet Through Window Closes Congressman Raul Grijalva's Yuma Office; Staff Won't Say Who They Think is Responsible

The old bullet-through-the-window trick is probably what shut down the Yuma office of Congressman Raul Grijalva just a day after he called off his controversial request for outside businesses to boycott Arizona in protest of SB 1070.

Ruben Reyes, the district director in Grijalva's Tucson office, tells New Times a bullet was found in the office early this morning.

Reyes says employees got to the office today and went in through the back door, which is common, and didn't immediately notice that the front window was broken.

When workers opened the blinds, they saw the window was broken and that glass was all over the floor.

They called police, who found a bullet in the office.

Reyes was very careful not to speculate on who was responsible for the bullet. 

"The investigation is ongoing," Reyes says. "We're not sure if the bullet and the window are related."

We're gonna go out on a limb here and say the two are related.

Nobody was in the building when the bullet entered the office, and Reyes says there have been no recent threats.

"We're always having heated conversations with people but nothing threatening," he says. "It could have been a couple of kids; we just don't know."

Grijalva's Yuma office will be closed until further notice.