Trent Franks

Trent Franks Successfully Wastes Everyone's Time Again as His D.C. Abortion Bill Fails

The House of Representatives slapped down another one of Congressman Trent Franks' anti-abortion bills yesterday, and Franks has now successfully wasted more than one hour and 38 minutes of Congress' time this year alone.

Franks' proposed ban on abortions past 20 weeks in Washington D.C.was short by 30 votes, as he kept the conversation on the bill going for more than 50 minutes before it was brought to a vote.

That doesn't even include the time it spent in the House Judiciary Committee, but Franks -- the Arizona Congressman -- took it upon himself to try to tell the District of Columbia how its abortions ought to be regulated. And he's fooling himself if he ever thought there was a chance in hell this would become a law.

This is now the second time Franks has wasted a substantial amount of time on the House floor just this year, as he proposed a federal ban on race/gender-based abortions.

That bill failed as well -- and also had absolutely no chance of becoming law -- and Franks forced the House to deal with that for nearly 48 minutes.

Since 2003, Franks' bills have been signed into law a grand total of zero times.