Phoenix Fivesome Accused of Holding Down Woman, Forcibly Injecting Her With Heroin

A Phoenix woman told police earlier in the week that she got her hair cut off, burned by cigarettes, and had some heroin. She did not want to do any of that.

Five people are accused of holding down the woman and doing each of those things, as Phoenix Police Sergeant Tommy Thompson tells New Times that the information's still coming in, but it looks like she tried to steal some money from one of them.

According to court documents, the woman called police saying she was restrained, kicked, burned with cigarettes, threatened, had her hair cut off, and was injected with heroin by the five people on the evening of July 4.

The woman knew two of the people -- and kind of knew the other three -- and told police that before she was let go, they took her ID and made threats against her family if she told the cops about what happened.

A search warrant was served on the apartment -- where John Koether and his girlfriend Linda Rivard live -- and police found meth, heroin, a hypodermic needle, and a clump of hair matching the victim's hair color, the documents say.

The three other people who were in the apartment were identified as Danielle Shannon, Chris Herschberg, and Marissa Nuckolls.

Through interviewing the five people, police discovered Koether's the one who injected the woman with heroin, which was confirmed by three of the people involved, the documents state.

Nuckolls admitted to punching the woman and forcing the woman down when she attempted to escape and call police, while Herschberg said it was Nuckolls and Shannon who cut off the woman's hair.

Rivard said she had nothing to do with it -- she was just watching it happen while her three children were there.

She also admitted to owning the safe where the meth and heroin was found.

Each of five people -- except Rivard -- faces charges related to kidnapping and aggravated assault. Rivard faces charges of aggravated assault and felony child-abuse, and was also pegged with the drugs.

Police note that the woman had to receive medical attention for the cigarette burns on her chest, shoulders, and arms.