Joe Arpaio's "Special Deputy" Ted Nugent: Immigrants Should Be "Indentured Servants"

Some things just don't change -- Ted Nugent's still a racist madman and Sheriff Joe Arpaio's friends seem to be the nuttiest nuts this side of the nuthouse.

Right now, Nugent, a "special deputy" to Arpaio, is calling for all undocumented immigrants (actually, only those from Mexico, it seems) to be treated like "indentured servants," which is a nice way of saying "slaves."

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Nugent -- who, by the way, is supposed to be "dead or in jail" right now -- wrote a column for Arpaio's favorite conspiracy-theory website, World Net Daily, explaining his "immigration plan."

"All illegal men in America should be required to work on building the fence, to be completed in one year," Nugent says. "We would pay them minimum wage, provide food and shelter, and provide them English and American history classes at night. Everyone wins."

He explains that these immigrants will be treated "like indentured servants, meaning that they have to earn their citizenship."

We'll pretend for a second that Nugent's actually participating in reality and cite the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division, which says this is illegal.

"[Federal law] prohibits compelling a person to work against his/her will by creating a 'climate of fear' through the use of force, the threat of force, or the threat of legal coercion [i.e., If you don't work, I'll call the immigration officials.] which is sufficient to compel service against a person's will," reads the DoJ's website section on "involuntary servitude."

Nugent, apparently operating under the belief that every undocumented immigrant in this country is from Mexico, cites several instances in his immigration "plan" in which a person's entire family will be sent "back to Mexico."

There's a quote somewhere about being known by the company you keep, and it's perhaps not surprising in this case.

Nugent adds that Arpaio's also part of his immigration plan.

"Any man or woman who is a known member of a street rat gang will be tossed out of the country and is not eligible to return," he says. "If he or she is caught re-entering America, we will apply Sheriff Joe Arpaio justice."

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