Morning Poll: Did J.D. Hayworth Benefit at All From Weekend Debates

Jim Deakin nearly crying in a Glenn Beck sort of way and John McCain quoting Bob Dole, there weren't too many standout moments in The Maverick's debates with J.D. Hayworth on Saturday.

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Hayworth stood to gain the most from the debates, but aside from coming across as both angry and arrogant and quipping that McCain might be wearing flip-flops to accompany his suit, he didn't deliver any zingers that might help his dismal poll numbers.

McCain, on the other hand, caught Hayworth with a cutting Bob Dole quote.



After Hayworth attacked McCain for allegedly lying about being a fiscal conservative, McCain quoted Dole, saying "never get in a wrestling match with a pig. You both get dirty, and the pig likes it."

That line pretty much sums up the two campaigns thus far.

Hayworth spent months pleading with McCain to debate, and it finally happened. Do you htink J.D. benefitted from the debates?. 

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