Tom Gosinski Surfaces to Retell Cindy McCain Drug Story

By Amy Silverman

Tom Gosinski has surfaced. The guy who blew the whistle to New Times on Cindy McCain's prescription drug theft surfaced this week at a Holiday Inn in the Washington, D.C. area, telling his story again.

Here's our original story, published in 1994. I spoke briefly to Gosinski this summer; he called to say a guy calling himself a private investigator had shown up on his mother's doorstep, looking for Tom. Tom was horrified and so was his mom -- so he said, anyway.

Tom insisted the Cindy story was a thing of the past and that he was done talking. He'd moved on with his life. I emailed him just to be sure he hadn't changed his mind, for a story I did this summer. He didn't respond.

Guess this week's poll numbers blasted Gosinski back to the past?