Former Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon and His Maybe/Maybe Not Mayoral Run

We may have to change our mind about not wanting Phil Gordon to make another run for mayor of Phoenix.

It's just too much fun to poke fun of him.

First he went on 12 News to say the current mayor -- Greg Stanton -- was somehow shortchanging the city because he and the rest of the council weren't getting along with each other. And he also dinged Stanton for lacking a vision for the city.

Then, we blogged our 10 reasons why he shouldn't run for mayor again.

So, to settle whether he might challenge Stanton in 2015, he went on KTAR and, according to the TV station, "downplayed rumors Thursday that he may try to get his old job back, but didn't necessarily rule out another run in the future."

Here are some excerpts from KTAR's story.

But Gordon jokingly added that not only is he not seeking the job, he is "running away from it." He said that he's too busy to think about running for mayor in 2015.

Still, Gordon recently has been critical of the current city council. While he insists that he supports Stanton, he joined three other former mayors in writing a letter saying Stanton and members of the council should get along better.

Gordon said he has no plans to run in 2015, but then added "I never thought I would be running for mayor the first time I ran for mayor so we'll see what the future holds."

Way to set the record straight.