Slide Fire in Sedona's Oak Creek Canyon Keeps Growing (Video)

Slide Fire in Sedona's Oak Creek Canyon: Time Lapse Video by Andrew Pielage.

Freelance photographer and New Times contributor Andrew Pielage traveled to Sedona and the Oak Creek Canyon area earlier this week to capture images and video of the Slide Fire.

As of Saturday morning, May 24, the fire was estimated to cover more than 10,000 acres. The firefighting effort, which now involves more than 800 people, has so far been able to keep the fire west of State Route 89A, which has been one of the goals of containing the fire.

Pielage's report from the scene:

Here is my GoPro video looking Northwest across Oak Creek Canyon at the Slide Wildfire. I moved the GoPro (:20 second mark) as I was very concerned the fire was spreading across 89A to the Eastside of Oak Creek Canyon, which was my escape route. Luckily it did not. You can see the severity of the wind that is fueling this wildfire from not only the smoke, but the trees blowing as well.

The entire time I was photographing, I could hear chainsaws, helicopters, airplanes, and fire personnel driving up and down 89A. A HUGE THANK YOU to all the firefighters and support involved. You guys risk your lives to protect us, our land, and our property. So much respect for you all.

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