Phoenix Man Refuses to Come Out of Apartment to be Shot -- So Gangsters Firebombed His Place Instead

What's the best way to lure a guy out of his house so you can shoot him? If you're group of Midwestern gang members, a fire bomb is a good place to start.

Cops say Tracey Nichol Wilkins was part of a group that threw a "fire bomb device" through the window of an apartment on the 9200 block of North 19th Avenue on January 9, causing $10,000 worth of damage.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, Wilkins told fire department investigators she was with a man named Kenneth Brame, who tried to lure the unidentified apartment resident outside so he could shoot him.

When the man wouldn't come out of his apartment, Wilkins said she drove to a gas station to get gasoline for a firebomb.

The plan, Wilkins told investigators, was to set the man's apartment on fire so he would come out and Brame would shoot him.

Wilkins told investigators she drove Kenneth Brame, as well as Keshia Brame and Stashia McRoberts, to set fire to the man's apartment.

After the deed was done, Wilkins drove them away from the scene.

Police arrested Wilkins on Friday afternoon, and she awaits charges of attempted first-degree murder and arson of an occupied structure.

CBS 5 News
reports Kenneth and Keshia Brame, McRoberts, and Wilkins are a "group of Detroit and Chicago gang members."