Morning Poll: Is "Birther" Issue Leading U.S. Down a "Path of Destruction"

Governor Jan Brewer was on CNN Monday night where she told host John King that the "Birther" issue was "leading our country down a path of destruction."

Frankly, we don't think the "Birthers" are capable of constructing their own tin-foil helmets, let alone destroying the entire country, so to make the claim that a bunch of crack-pot conspiracy theorists could be capable of taking us down that path seems a lot a little over the top.

The governor's spokesman gave New Times the following explanation in response to the gov's comment:

"I think the point the Governor was trying to make is that she views the 'birther' issue as a distraction from more pressing matters (ie, the economy and jobs) and damaging to the Republican Party and the nation as a whole. Time spent discussing President Obama's birth certificate is time NOT spent debating his failed policies."

Distraction: yes. "Path of destruction": not so much.

Our theory, as we mentioned yesterday, is that the Birther nonsense is the gov's issue-du jour when it comes to capitalizing on some positive ink.

Brewer's been applauded by both Democrats and rational Republicans -- who see how ridiculous it is to waste time on such a stupid issue -- after vetoing the humiliating "Birther Bill" last week.

Like SB-1070 before it, Jan's gonna beat the anti-Birther drum until it breaks -- which, true to the gov's form, includes some over-the-top, doomsday rhetoric (we're still looking for the headless bodies stashed in the Arizona desert, Jan).

Birthers are annoying, obnoxious, and humiliating -- especially when they try to push a bill through the legislature of a state that's already suffered a few black eyes as a result of some far-right-wing-nuts. But are Birthers "leading the country down a path of destruction?"

We want to know what you think -- cast your vote below.