Many Alaskans Think Sarah Palin Now Belongs to Arizona -- Nice Try, Alaska

A whole lot of Alaskans seem to think that Sarah Palin is now an Arizonan, according to poll results.

Nice try, Alaskans.

Palin, who was rumored to be considering a Senate run in Arizona in 2012, when Jeff Flake became the eventual Republican nominee and was elected Senator.

She didn't end up running but currently is the top Republican pick in Alaska for that state's U.S. Senate election next year, according to Public Policy Polling.

However, a lot of the people who don't like Palin apparently deny that she's even Alaskan anymore.

According to the PPP survey of Alaskans, 47 percent say Palin's still Alaskan, and 46 percent say she's not. Those people who say she's not Alaskan apparently think Palin -- who's claimed to be a part-time Scottsdale resident for the past couple of years -- is now Arizonan.

The poll results show that 37 percent of the people thought it was "more appropriate for Palin to run for office in Arizona, rather than Alaska. Forty-one percent found it more appropriate that Mama Grizzly runs in Alaska.

(Note that just 25 percent of the people participating in the poll said they were "very liberal" or even "somewhat liberal.")

Overall, it was a good effort by Alaskans, but no thanks -- you can keep her.

Check out the poll results here.

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