Sarbjit Teja Accused of Forcing Oral Sex on Stripper...Who Had Her (Ahem) Monthly Visitor at the Time

No matter what a stripper tells you when you're shaking a handful of dollar bills at her, chances are she doesn't want you to force oral sex on her. We'd venture further and assume a stripper really doesn't want you to force oral sex on her while she has her period -- but that didn't stop 37-year-old Sarbjit Singh Teja, police say.

Teja was arrested Sunday afternoon after he allegedly sexually assaulted a stripper at Babe's Cabaret in Scottsdale. The stripper, according to court documents obtained by New Times, was on her period at the time.

Teja, who's from Vancouver, was in town for a friend's bachelor party at Babe's. During the party, Teja struck up a conversation with one of the dancers.

Teja  told the woman she was beautiful and that he wanted to have sex with her. In an attempt to earn a little cash, the stripper played along -- however, she told Teja she couldn't be with him because she has a son an other responsibilities that would prevent them from having a relationship.

In the middle of Teja's conversation with the stripper, his friends approached him and said they were leaving. Apparently smitten with the dancer, Teja told his buddies he was going to stay at Babe's and would catch up with them later.

The stripper, meanwhile, had gone to the women's bathroom -- and so did Teja once he realized she was gone.

Inside the bathroom, when the stripper left the stall, Teja was standing directly in front of her.

The stripper told Teja he couldn't be in the women's bathroom and that he needed to leave. Teja responded by grabbing her hips, pulling her towards him, and telling her everything would be fine as long as she was quiet.

Teja then put the woman in a bear hug and lifted her onto the sink. He then pulled up her shirt, ripped off her panties, and whipped out his erect penis.

Teja then went down on the victim, despite the fact that she was using a "clearly visible tampon for menstruation control."

The victim later told police she told Teja to stop at least three times, and that she was unable to kick him away because "he was using his body weight to pin her to the counter."

After about four minutes of allegedly forcing oral sex on the menstruating stripper, Teja loosened his grip on the woman and she was able to wiggle away from him and run out of the bathroom.

Once she left the bathroom, security cameras recorded her running from the scene until she collapsed on the floor. About a minute later, Teja also was seen leaving the bathroom.

Teja left before police arrived, but they caught up with him shortly after the assault and placed him under arrest.

In all, Teja was booked into a Maricopa County jail on one count each of kidnapping, sexual assault, and disorderly conduct. He was also hit with two counts of sexual abuse.