A Week After His Return to Airwaves Ankarlo Already Promoting Violence

When you're a radio talk-show host, it's fairly important that you're capable of formulating rational thoughts and not speaking like Maricopa Community College's Colleen Clark as she's drunkenly reciting her ABCs.

Not to say Darrell Ankarlo's thoughts were ever all that rational, but someone ought to share this concept with the 92.3 FM (KTAR) morning man.

Nearly a week after returning to the airwaves after a five-month absence, when he spent time recovering from a car wreck, the sheriff of morality and Christian values is still slurring and stumbling over his words.

Oh, not to mention promoting violence against people for no apparent reason.

The wreck left Ankarlo with a traumatic brain injury, and if you heard last week's over-the-top tribute from KTAR patriarch Pat McMahon, Ankarlo seemed ready for the broadcast mic.

But if you listened to his show this morning, or are someone who eats cheeseburgers, you would probably beg to differ that he should be back on the air.

Ankarlo slurred over President Obama's name, used the word "alezedly" and had an interesting take on people who eat cheeseburgers.

After pausing briefly to remember the word "seminar," Ankarlo told his audience that he thinks he has the "right" to punch anyone he sees eating a cheeseburger because it's ultimately going to cost him money when the person gets sick.

Attempts to reach KTAR news director Russ Hill were not immediately successful.

We understand that recovering from a brain injury takes timem but there are a lot of idiots in the world and a lot of them listen to Ankarlo Mornings. When the host of the show is promoting punching people for enjoying a cheeseburger, it may be time for another MRI.