Joe Arpaio's Deputies Catch Man Saying Mean Things on Anti-Joe Facebook Page

You can sleep easy tonight, folks -- one of the many, many people who has said mean things about Sheriff Joe Arpaio on the Internet was arrested on a misdemeanor charge.

Specifically, MCSO says a man posted to the "People Against Sheriff Joe Arpaio" Facebook page that he'd kill Arpaio for free dollars.

For whatever reason, we can't find the post anywhere on the page, but the Sheriff's Office says 42-year-old Ignacio Carbajal posted, in part, "He should see the color of his skin and where he comes from . . . stupid motherfucker . . . let's kill him. I will kill him for free. I am going to Arizona to kill that asshole."

MCSO says that Carbajal used his neighbor's unsecured Wi-Fi to make this post, and a press release explains that he was booked into jail on a charge of threatening and intimidating -- which is a misdemeanor.

An MCSO spokesman didn't immediately respond to our e-mail question, asking how "investigators" stumbled across the "People Against Sheriff Joe Arpaio" Facebook page.

One man posting on the Facebook page theorized that Arpaio's "goon squad" was monitoring the page.

That compelled us to find some other strong opinions on this Facebook page, for entertainment purposes: