Kiddie Porn: Hustler Hollywood Tempe Store Turning Into Preschool


This building on Broadway Road used to house Hustler Hollywood Tempe. It couldn't find customers, and now it's becoming -- a preschool. What is the world coming to?


A recent Arizona Republic article quotes a manager saying the store failed because it had too few shoppers, in part because the "poor location" led to little foot traffic. Duh -- this is the Phoenix metro area, not Hollywood. The only places with great foot traffic are indoor malls.

The clothing-and-dildo store attracted plenty of attention when it opened, though, and some folks complained. Larry Flynt himself [at right] graced the store with his presence in 2007 for a porn video promo and chatted with New Times' columnist Stephen Lemons.

We imagine few people are complaining now.

"Hopefully, it'll be a better setting," says a woman who answered the phone at Sunrise preschools.

You hear so much about "signs of the apocalypse" these days -- is this miracle in Tempe a sign that sinners are repenting and Judgment Day has been put off? That the world's really going to heaven in a handbasket?

Nah -- conservatives hate daycare, too.