Does Governor Jan Brewer's Fight to Expand Medicaid Change Your Opinion About Her?

A few short years ago, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer became the hero of most conservatives and the villain to most liberals when she signed the anti-Mexican SB1070 bill into law.

Now, with Brewer possibly staking her legacy -- as USA Today put it recently -- on the Medicaid fight, she's dividing right-wingers and become a hero to some on the left.

You've seen her in TV commercials and heard about her State Capitol rallies. You know she's pushing hard to get stubborn lawmakers in her own party to stop opposing her expansion plan. Brewer wants Arizona to take full advantage of a feature of Obamacare that allows states to receive more federal funds by expanding the government health insurance program, which in Arizona is managed by AHCCS, the Arizona Healthcare Cost Containment System. The expansion would allow 240,000 childless adult who used to become re-eligible for the plan, and allow 60,000 people now enrolled to keep their coverage.

Key conservative leaders who opposed Obama's Affordable Care Act, like State Senate President Andy Tobin, feel betrayed. They agree with assessments of the plan that claim it will cost Arizona hundreds of millions of dollars in new taxes and future costs that the federal government now promises it will pay but probably won't.

Whether you're a conservative, liberal or independent, it's probable that this struggle down at the Capitol has changed your views of the normally right-wing Guv.

Maybe you hated her for the divisive anti-illegal-immigrant law, and now you hate her less -- or maybe even feel she's fully redeemed herself. Perhaps you think your right-wing hero has failed you. Or maybe none of this has affected your views of Brewer, possibly because you're too disgusted with politics in general.

Here is your morning poll: