Hot Links: Obama Coming to Mesa; Terry Porter Out as Suns Coach; Taser Wins Patent Lawsuit

  President Obama's putting Mesa on the map -- for a few days, anyway -- with his planned Wednesday visit to a high school, and hundreds of people camp out for a chance to see him. We figured as much: Sources report that Terry Porter is history as the Phoenix Suns head coach. Shaq and Kobe Bryant take top honors at the 2009 NBA All-Star Game. A video of nutty woman who missed a flight in Hong Kong sweeps the world. Taser stings its competitor with a lawsuit victory. No surprises here: A man who jumps from a 250-foot cliff at Saguaro Lake dies after his parachute fails to deploy in time. This could have turned out worse: Employees at an auto store and citizens help police catch a suspected armed shoplifter.  




Hundreds camp out for chance to see Obama


Terry Porter out as Suns Coach, Alvin Gentry in


Shaq, Bryant awarded at All-Star Game


Woman misses flight in Hong Kong

Patent claim upheld for Taser over competitor

BASE jumper's chute fails to open

Citizens help cops nab suspected shoplifter