Tucson P.D.: No Indication That Suspicious Van Outside Courtroom Has Anything to Do With Jared Loughner Hearing

A suspicious vehicle has closed a street near the Tucson courtroom where Jared Loughner appeared for a hearing today -- and the rumor mill already is churning out unsubstantiated yarns that probably aren't true.

The Tucson Police Department confirms to New Times that the bomb squad was called in to investigate the suspicious vehicle near the federal courthouse, which prompted the closure of streets near the building just before noon.

However, as Tucson Sergeant Maria Hawk says, the vehicle, described as a white box truck, is located at a different facility than the building where Loughner appeared -- although, the buildings are close to each other. She says there's nothing to indicate the truck has anything to do with the Loughner hearing.

Hawk says the driver of the vehicle has been located (he's likely not a friend of Loughner's, as has been the rumor on the Interwebs) and police are interviewing him before they enter the truck.

Hawk says police K-9s identified the truck as possibly being suspicious earlier today. She reitterates that there is nothing to indicate the suspicious truck has anything to do with Loughner, although, she says, she sees how people might draw that conclusion.

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