Backroom Casting Couch Lands Another ASU Student; Angry ASU Alumnus Yet to Surface

UPDATE: Another Backroom Casting Couch associate has been arrested, and is accused of secretly videotaping his sex sessions.

Congratulations are in order for Arizona State University, as another student just landed on the faux-reality porn website Backroom Casting Couch.

Eric Whittaker, the Backroom Casting Couch representative best known as the guy with the blurry face, alerted his followers to this one on Twitter, directing a tweet at ASU's official account: "Get ready for another Backroom Casting Couch scandal!"

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As you may recall, the last ASU-based Backroom Casting Couch scandal occurred in the case of Elizabeth Hawkenson, then a freshman at the university, who was rumored to have lost a $33,000 academic scholarship due to her performance.

There was a letter going around of a purported "anonymous ASU alumnus" asking the Arizona Board of Regents to revoke her scholarship. The Board of Regents never actually got that letter, and Hawkenson told New Times in 2010 that she still had her scholarship.

This time around, the proud Sun Devil on the infamous black couch is "Audrina" (actual name is not yet known).

Based on a thorough review of the footage, we can conclude that "Audrina" is, in fact, holding up her ASU student ID card in the screenshot above.

No "anonymous ASU alumnus" has tried to get "Audrina's" scholarship revoked, or anything like that, so we're not quite sure what the "scandal" is.

Either way, feel free to inform us of the name "Audrina" uses when she's not on the black leather couch of every father's nightmares.

"Audrina" can be viewed without clothing here.