Loose Cannons Motorcycle Club and Rival Gang Shoot It Out in Apache Junction

Two motorcycle gangs shot it out in the early morning hours Sunday at a party at the Loose Cannons Motorcycle club house in Apache Junction.

Four people were injured, and one is in critical condition, according to the Pinal County Sheriff's Office. 

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The Loose Cannons motorcycle club held a party at its clubhouse in the 3600 block of East Apache Trail, when members of a rival gang called Devil's Disciples showed up. About 75 people packed the party. The two gangs started fighting, and then pulled out guns. 

One woman was shot in the back, another man in the butt, but they are said to be doing fine. Another man was shot in the head and is in stable conduction. But the fourth victim took one bullet in the stomach and in the shoulder and is in critical condition at a Phoenix area hospital. 

Authorities say witnesses aren't cooperating.