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Morning Poll: Should Phoenix "Public Safety Manager" (Police Chief) Jack Harris be Permanently Reassigned?

In response to allegations that his department inflated border-related kidnapping statistics to secure federal grants, Phoenix Public Safety Manager (a.k.a. double-dipping police chief) Jack Harris on Wednesday said the following:

"Anyone that wants these stars can come and get them. But I've got news for you -- I'm not giving them to you. You're going to have to take them."

Harris still has his stars, but he's been neutered -- Phoenix City Manager David Cavazos announced yesterday that, as a panel of experts review the police department's kidnapping stats and record-keeping processes, Harris has been stripped of many of his duties overseeing the police department.

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Depending on what the review turns up, Harris could permanently be reassigned.

We want to know what you think: should Harris be permanently stripped of his duties overseeing the Phoenix PD?

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