Maricopa County Craziness

County Supervisor Fulton Brock's Chief of Staff to Resign. Says Sex Scandal Had Nothing to Do With Decision

The chief of staff for Maricopa County Supervissor Fulton Brock plans to resign to take a job with a company owned by Texas oil big-wig T. Boone Pickens.

Eric Latto has worked for the county supervisor -- whose wife has been convicted of having a sexual relationship with the same underage boy her daughter is currently charged with bedding (more specifically car-ing. Read the details here) -- for the last eight years.

Latto will reportedly leave county government in mid-March to serve as the Arizona business development manager for Clean Energy, a California company started by Pickens that provides natural gas for alternative-fuel vehicles.

Latto told the Arizona Republic that his plan to leave Brock's office has nothing to do with the sex scandal that has rocked the county supervisor's family since it was first unearthed last November.

"Absolutely not. If he'd just been elected U.S. senator, I'd still take this job. It's kind of like a
dream job. Fulton was extremely supportive of my move," Latto told the Republic.

Last month, Brock's estranged wife, Susan, pleaded guilty to charges that she attempted to have sexual relations with a minor. Read our story on the matter here.

Mrs. Brock now faces a minimum of seven years in prison.

"The prison sentence could be as low as seven years. It can be high as 15 years," the judge handling the case told Brock. See video of Brock's change of plea here.

The presumptive sentence for Brock is 10 years, the judge said, and she'll also be placed on lifetime probation once released from the Department of Corrections.

Susan Brock's sentencing is scheduled for March 16.