Video: Fight Among Fans at Cardinals vs. 49ers (UPDATE with Second Video, Police Response)

A bloody fight between fans at Sunday's Arizona Cardinals game was caught on video.

The Cards beat the San Francisco 49ers 23-14 at the University of Phoenix Stadium.

Plenty of action also took place in the stands, as the video shows.

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Highlights include: fighters falling down stairs (ouch), a guy wearing a novelty football helmet taking punches, at least two girls throwing punches, blood splatter, a security guard earning his pay, and more.

We've put in a request to the state Department of Public Safety for details later on the injuries, arrests, etc., and we'll update this post when we learn something.

In the meantime, enjoy the show.

UPDATE: Cardinals player Darnell Dockett offers free tickets to one of the fans in the fight:

UPDATE Tuesday, September 23: The YouTube video of the brawl linked in this article yesterday was removed by whoever uploaded it. This morning, we replaced it with a duplicate uploaded on another YouTube user's site.

We also found a second video that appears to show a second, unrelated brawl from Sunday's game (below).

Sorry, readers -- this second video was actually uploaded on September 4, 2010. It's still very much worth watching, though. The fight involved fewer people, but also some serious punching. Highlights of this one include a balding, older dude who chooses to fight back against a guy who's taller than him by a head and could eat him for lunch. Needless to say, that doesn't go well for the smaller guy, but he soon receives some help. As the action intensifies, a witness shouts happily, "I am fuckin' lovin' this shit!" State troopers and a Glendale police officer lead the burly gentleman away in handcuffs.

To atone for our error, we searched YouTube to see if there was a second, different brawl video from Sunday's game. We found one. Here's what the person who uploaded it wrote: "We witnessed this fight at Sundays Arizona Cardinals vs San Francisco 49ers Game. These two Cardinal fans started going at it and the guy in white seemed to winning. It was a brutal brawl and not the only one that day in our section."

Check it out:

Below, don't miss the text of an email we received last night from Glendale police, which took the lead for security. Sergeant Jay O'Neill, spokesman for Glendale PD, names two men who were arrested on suspicion of assault during the game on Sunday. With a scolding tone, O'Neill criticizes the act of posting evidence on social media before handing it over to law enforcement. This seems somewhat odd to us -- isn't posting the video on YouTube the same thing as giving the video to law enforcement, since law enforcement can watch it on YouTube same as anyone else? We wonder, if you announce to an officer that you just shot video of a suspected crime, would your smartphone be confiscated?

Text of Glendale PD spokesman's email follows:

"This is difficult for us to give any specific comment on based upon the fact that we have no time, exact location or names of parties involved based upon this video. So, the information that we're about to give is subject to change if it is later determined that the video is in fact not the incident that we're describing.

"Based upon the section number shown in the video we are able to narrow it down however, there was more than one fight in that section during the game and it is unclear if they're related. Again based upon what we see in the video, in conjunction with descriptions given in our reports, we think that we can narrow it down to an incident that we responded to at approximately 2:35 PM.

"In that incident we were called to assist with a fight that security was out with. The end result was that we took two separate reports, arrested two people (one from each incident), and ejected several people from University of Phoenix Stadium property. One person left the scene of the fight and a description was given, and that person was located prior to leaving the stadium. It was determined that he was a victim and he declined any prosecution. Arrested were Philip Martinez, a 31 year old Calimesa, CA resident out of section 409 for assault, and Daniel Mayerhofer, a 37 year old Surprise, AZ resident out of section 408 for assault

"It should be noted that to the best of my knowledge we were not provided this video on scene. We would like to ask that when incidents like this occur and bystanders take video, they make law enforcement aware of that fact. That video is evidence and is often more compelling than conflicting witness statements. Often times it allows officers to readily identify people that were involved, which can't be accomplished once those people leave. Taking video to later post on social media without sharing it with law enforcement does a great disservice to victims.

"There are no further arrests pending at this time as I'm not sure if the video has generated any other information or compelled any witnesses to come forward."

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