Three Chandler Cops Shot, One Killed, During Undercover Drug Bust in Phoenix

Three Chandler police officers were shot last night, one fatally, during an undercover drug bust, which, as described by police, sounds like a scene out of Miami Vice.

Both Chandler and Phoenix police aren't saying much about the shootings -- the officers shot, and six suspects detained at the scene, are yet to be identified -- because police are still investigating the incident.

Here's what we do know, though, compliments of Phoenix police Sergeant Steve Martos: Chandler officers were conducting an undercover drug operation in a house in the area of 23rd Avenue and Vineyard Road last night.

About 6:30 p.m., someone inside the house started shooting.

Martos says there were at least a dozen Chandler police in the area, who returned fire.

When the gunfight was over, a Chandler cop and two suspects were dead, and two other cops, as well as two other suspects, were injured.

Both the injured and the injured suspects were taken to a Phoenix hospital in stable condition.

Martos says Phoenix police were not working with Chandler police in the undercover operation, and it was unclear whether the Phoenix PD knew about the bust. He says having cops from other municipalities in Phoenix is not uncommon, though, because police investigations often spill from one jurisdiction to another.

Six suspects, five black males, and one Hispanic male, all between the ages of 25 and 40, were detained and will be questioned, Martos says.

Chandler police Sergeant Joe Favazzo says the family of the officer killed had not yet been notified.

Check back to Valley Fever for updates, though. Favazzo says more information should be available later today.